How SEO Works

How SEO works is a process where we apply numerous tried and tested strategies and guidelines set by Google. Maybe your someone that might be thinking? Or, never heard of an SEO? Maybe you feel being bamboozled by this SEO  Company? Well, I can assure you that our SEO Agency is real and can be a very much important part of the health of your website.

You see search engines such as Google and Bing have to sort through billions of websites to come up with accurate search results. How Google takes a user’s search query and responds with web pages, links, or results is complex. In fact, Google and other search engines use a complex algorithm. An algorithm that they do not share with webmasters, you, or online marketers like us! And rightfully so!

SEO Algorithms

Your search input is passed through a series of complex formulas and algorithms and eventually, hundreds and thousands of web pages are churned out. It is these secret algorithms that decide what gets displayed first, on page one, and what gets buried deep behind.

Tried and Tested SEO Strategies

Our Seattle SEO services allow your website the added advantage and traction yo be ranked high and gain quality website traffic. In fact, Seattle SEO Now has gained knowledge and experience through real-life projects. Without getting too nitty-gritty here is a brief overview. Search engines use keywords to do a lot of heavy lifting when searching for a website. By correctly aligning and repeating keywords and phrases within your website you can get better SEO results. Everything on your webpage affects this SEO rating in some way or another. For example, if your title is a good summary of your page, then you get a better SEO rating. If links on your page lead viewers to related material, you get a better SEO rating. If you have unique and interesting content that holds the viewer’s attention, you get a better SEO rating.

Professional Seattle SEO Services Include:


Website Design

We build and oversee websites with a core goal in driving traffic, sales and conversions.

SEO Strategy

Carefully planning an SEO strategy for each business allows our team to target specific goals.


Technical Structure

Technical website structure and backend optimization provide the fundamentals to rank higher.

Monitoring & Enhancing

Effective SEO requires monitoring and refining strategies based on various market needs.

Website Analysis

Whether its on-page, off-page SEO, we analyze data and position each website to compete.

Content Strategy

It all falls into delivering content potential customers want to read, explore and expect.

Effective Seattle SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of boosting not only the quality but also the quantity of your website traffic, exposing your brands through effective search engine optimization practices. More commonly known as “organic SEO”. Suppose you and your company have developed a website, and you would want your website to be shown up as many times as possible for specific searches, then you will definitely need to learn some basic understandings about SEO, or hire an SEO specialist to do all the work for you. Besides, you need to keep in mind that these services can vary tremendously in quality and price.

Purpose of Search Engines

Search engines are actually machines and software that answer the questions of the users. Primarily, they have three functions: crawl, index, and rank. Crawling refers to the process of discovering the Internet for content and skimming the code for each URL they have access to. For the indexing step, all the information retrieved during the crawling process is stored and organized. When the page is placed in the index, it is ready to be displayed, following relevant inquiries. The last ranking step is to answer the query of the users with the most appropriate content. They use the ranking to align these results in descending order i.e. most relevant information displayed at the top.

Organic searches are the ones being reflected by effective SEO, not paid by advertising. When searching for something on Google, you tend to encounter a few ads at the top, followed by a series of blue links listed beneath it. These links refer to the search engine results page (SERPs). Besides those original SERPs answer boxes, we also see other features such as People, Ask boxes, image carousels, and widgets.

Overall, the SEO is all about figuring out what people are searching for online, the solutions they are finding, the keywords they are using, as well as the type of content they would like to retrieve. As a Seattle SEO agency, we figure these hard questions for you! Hence, by answering this question, it allows us to drive traffic to websites as well as rank them higher!


Advertising a business online has more aspects to it than simply purchasing advertisement space on a web page. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a way for businesses to improve their presence online. Many customers will use a search engine like Google when looking to make a purchase or are interested in a specific subject. The typical behavior is they search for the name of the thing or a phrase that they are looking for. As a business, you want to be at the top of the list that is returned from the search engine. The goal of SEO is to make a website rank higher when users search for these phrases or words.

SEO Tools

Search engines have tools that can search all the content posted online and essentially create a type of report about that web site. They use this information to show links between websites and give weight to ones that they consider more reputable or popular that mention another website. The more of these links and the higher a website ranks within this system is what determines the list that search engines will return after a user searches for a word or phrase. Businesses or individuals can use SEO to help influence this decision and improve their rank within a search engine.


The way that businesses can influence this list is by taking into consideration the content that they provide on their website. Blogs are a very popular way for businesses to provide content that increases the amount of information that search engines gather from a website. These blogs are used to provide information about topics that relate to that business or field that a search engine can use to create links. Another key factor is popular social media services like Instagram and Facebook.

Improving the presence on these platforms is a good way to improve the ranking of a website within a search engine. Previously it was mentioned that search engines use other websites that rank high when making their decisions and that is why these websites are so important. When users of these platforms post about a business or topic, they are creating more links that a search engine will see and can relate back to these topics. The best way to drive this user engagement is to provide content that increases the way users will see business and promotes them to engage and link back to that business. SEO focuses on improving these things and determining what a business or individual needs to change about a website to improve its rank within a search engine.

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