Questions & Answers relating to Search Engine Optimization.

1. What is SEO and Why is it important for a business?

Short SEO Answer: Overall, an optimized website can be seen by more customers searching for your services and/or products.

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. Basically, online marketing experts utilize a number of strategies and practices to improve your website’s online ranking. It’s imperative and allows websites to compete with the competition and drive more traffic to websites. Thus, resulting in more exposure and revenue.


2. What’s the difference between organic SEO vs. Paid Search Results?

Short SEO Answer: Organic SEO is regular SEO services and a long term plan, whereas Pay Per Click are adverts are immediate and cost per click.

Organic SEO allows websites to be ranked and drive traffic based on fixed monthly search engine optimization services. Whereas PPC (Pay Per Click) is based on you being charged for each click. Clicks can cost from as little as pennies to hundreds of dollars per click. Also, organic SEO is a long term strategy as opposed to Paid search results that have an immediate impact.


3. What’s the difference between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO?

Short SEO Answer: On-Page SEO happens on the website, whereas Off-Page SEO happens outside the website domain.

SEO experts always use both. On-Page SEO refers to optimizing the website with well-researched keywords, long-tail keywords, writing quality content, internal linking, correct meta descriptions, and structured data.
Off-Page SEO refers to promoting your website through quality inbound links. For example via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, discussion forums, directories, and third-party blogging sites.
Quality inbound backlink building strategies help boost search ranking and traffic to your website.


4. How do meta descriptions help websites?

Short SEO Answer: Meta descriptions are still a necessity, and used by search engines to better understand the web pages.

Meta descriptions are important when it comes to search engines identifying the page content and can help indexing quality and ranking. The descriptions that appear during searches should be compelling enough that potential visitors click on the link. The results from solid meta descriptions and page titles can result in higher conversion rates.


5. How many times should I include keywords on a web page?

Short SEO Answer: Keywords and permutations of that keywords should be balanced. The quantity is not as important as is the quality of the content and user experience.

Synonyms and related keywords should be included and dispersed across the web page content. Natural placement should be included and stuffing keywords strictly avoided. A good rule of thumb is to use a combination of long-tail keywords and write for the visitors and readers.
The ratio of content to keywords should be balanced and distributed on a page.


6. Why the speed of a website matter when it comes to SEO?

Short SEO Answer: Besides being a factor for SEO, speed affects the user experience.

Ensuring that the web pages load quickly will impact user engagement and experience. Research shows that visitors to websites only wait a couple of seconds for web pages to load. More importantly, if the site is slow they are likely to lose patience and move on to other similar websites.

Reducing the size of images can help the web pages to load quickly. Besides, compressing the images, they also need to be assigned a text description. The purpose of this is that Google recognizes what the image is. Remember Google is not as intelligent enough to understand what the image is, hence why an alt text and description are imperative. Also, this will help boost your accessibility factor.


7. What are responsive websites?

Short SEO Answer: Responsive websites re-adjust and render content and web pages across all devices.

The importance of ensuring that your website is responsive is that all potential visitors, be it on a desktop, tablet, or phone will be able to access the website content. For example without pinching to zoom in on a mobile device, or unable to see the content on a tablet will affect the bounce rate.


8. Why it takes time to see results from SEO?

Short SEO Answer: SEO is not a one time shot like building a website. A great deal of work involved when it comes to inbound and outbound marketing.

Though it can take as little as three months to see results, it can also take longer to rank websites and web pages. The time factor is based on the age of the website, domain authority, quality content, and more importantly competition. Overall, ranking a website happens over time.
To continue to rank high requires on-going SEO. As search engines improve the search process and new algorithms are introduced, adjustments need to be made to web pages and websites.
Overall, on-going SEO services improve a websites ranking and page position and help an already high ranking website to stay at the top.


9. How much does SEO cost?

Short SEO Answer: From a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars a month.

The bottom line for any business is always based on cost and the return on investment. Hence, why the cost of SEO is based on this return factor and how aggressive a business needs to be. Yes there are SEO agencies that offer quality services, and then there are “SEO Experts” that charge a couple of hundred dollars a month. Each will generate different results. As the saying goes if its too good to be true, then your more likely wasting your hard-earned cash. The rule of thumb is to check the agency’s reviews and thoroughly check the SEO services offered at the price you’re quoted.

It’s best to first identify your monthly and yearly budget, and then see which SEO service would fit your requirements. Overall, the costs of SEO start from as little as a few hundred dollars’s a month to thousands of dollars.


10. Why Should I hire someone to do my SEO?

Short SEO Answer: Experience and faster results.

Straight Off the bat, its experience, and being able to see results. Other benefits of getting professional SEO services include:

  1. An SEO consultant or agency will know how best to tackle your online marketing campaign.
  2. SEO and online marketing consultants are aware of how SEO works and the drastic changes with algorithms, competition, and able to monitor and adjust strategies.
  3. Hiring an online marketing firm will allow both inbound and outbound marketing to be done under one roof.
  4. SEO agencies also have the expertise to optimize your website as well as build a new one.
  5. Content writers are able to create unique content based on specific keywords to your business.


Doing SEO by yourself is possible, but will take longer due to the learning curve. Also, there is a possibility if SEO is not done correctly you’d see no results, or even be penalized by Google!

Overall, it’s always best to do some research and check which SEO agencies or SEO experts fit your budget and needs.

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How does SEO work?

So, you might be thinking. I’ve never heard of an SEO? What is SEO? Am I being bamboozled by this salesman? Well, I can assure you that SEO is real and very much important to the health of your website. You see search engines such as Google and Bing have to sort through billions of websites to come up with accurate search results. How do they take a user’s search and respond with pages and pages or results so fast? An algorithm. This means that your input is passed through a series of complex formulas and algorithms and eventually hundreds and thousands of web pages are churned out. This algorithm is what decided what gets displayed first, on page one, and what gets buried deep behind.

Our company gives websites the traction needed for it to be ranked high. In fact, Seattle SEO Now has gained knowledge and experience through real-life projects. Without getting too nitty-gritty here is a brief overview. Search engines use keywords to do a lot of heavy lifting when searching for a website. By repeating keywords and phrases within your website content you can get a better SEO rating. Note this does not mean stuffing a web page with keywords! In fact, everything on your webpage affects SEO ratings in some way. If your title is a good summary of your page, then you get a better SEO rating. Also, if links on your page lead viewer to related material, you get a better SEO rating. The main thing to remember is is that the core part of it is if you have unique and interesting content that holds the viewer’s attention, you get better SEO ratings.

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