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When creating your own website, it is important to realize that while you are in the process of making one, you should know how SEO works. Also, know how to implement different strategies to effectively hook people into your website. Keeping such details emphasized within your own creation is essential to increase traffic on your website. But even then, what really causes your website to get more traffic? This article covers some simple strategies to generate and increase website traffic.

What is Website Traffic?

The word “traffic” within the definition according to big commerce, refers to web users who visit a website. Web traffic is measured in visits, sometimes called “sessions.” In fact, analytic and statistics can show that there are more users visiting your website and in essence, is a business interpretation of your audience.

Tracking Website Traffic

The tracking of website traffic is not only tracking down the number of users that enter the website, but also the flow from one page to the next. Web trafficking has evolved to the point where not just the number of users that visited your page is determined by the popularity of your content and website. Website trafficking now also includes different statistics to determine the popularity of your website. One of the statistics that it can track is how long a user has stayed on the website page.

It is important to realize that not only does your website have an audience, but also how long the audience stays on your webpage. Hence why website developers and online marketers must try to reach a goal for visitors to stay as long as possible.

Another statistic to keep track of is how many users have made a purchase. Online business websites must have a good record of this and adapt strategies based on such data. Obviously, if the numbers are low, there may be an issue with the website, product, or lack of website trust. In fact, there is always a reason why potential customers feel hesitant when it comes to not making a purchase. The result of this is a business website ultimately having lower conversion rates.

There are many different methods that can be formulated the flow of traffic and ultimately to increase it. While there is a long list of different strategies available, SEO experts, web developers, and online marketers could layout, there are some that stand out.  Following are areas all businesses should focus on:


This by far, is one of the easiest, yet effective methods of getting attention and driving website traffic. According to Dan Shewan, an experienced journalist, he states that “paid search, social media advertising, and display advertising are all excellent ways of attracting visitors.” There really is no better way of getting attention to your website than to advertise. It is one of the most common business practices that notifies the user that you have this website existing on the internet and you want the user to visit it now.

As long as your advertisement caters to the audience, you will get traffic. Also, special promos or unique services have the potential of the advert being shared amongst different groups. Thus causing a whole chain reaction of attention. However, advertising is not as simple as just telling someone that this certain website exists. You must effectively grab their attention and hook them into thinking that this advertisement matters to them. So whether it has a strong visual and or a strong sentence explaining what your product is, the visitor is bound to have that initial attention. In fact, advertisements can result, making potential customers see more and click on the website.

Whether its targeting specific demographics, like males or females or age groups, advertising can provide results. But the effectiveness must be strong in order to actually cause more users to visit any webpage.

2. Stay Connected

Most people are connected to many social media platforms. In fact, social media is one of the most used platforms. Almost anyone around the world can connect to popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc. Understanding the power that social media holds is why it is an avenue that can help connect with potential customers. Earlier I mentioned that advertising can cause a chain reaction, and there is no easier place but to do it in social media. Especially how easy it is to convey something via a social media platform and off-page SEO.

Creating eye-grabbing messages may lead to one user sharing that content with their circles and friends. Also, if it relates to them in some way it can continue being passed on.  Besides pictures being posted, you can also make yourself well known through comments. Having people’s trust online by providing insightful discussions can lead to people thinking that you are an expert in your discipline. Social media is an incredibly powerful tool to gain people’s trust and to drive traffic to a website.

3. Solid Content & Information

Many people do not understand the power in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has for your website to increase traffic. Since Google is a practical tool to use when researching or finding content, having your website even on the front page can increase website clicks and visits. Hence, creating relevant content, assigning the right metadata, and creating titles in which people would most likely search for is paramount.

Correctly optimizing a website through on-page and off-page SEO can do wonders when it comes to higher ranking and increasing website traffic.

4. Keep your Audience Hooked

Understanding how to bring the crowd to your website is important, but we must not forget that website traffic is also measured by how long visitors stay on a webpage. Anyone can create an advertisement for their product, but something within that product has to keep the users hooked as long as possible and to possibly convert into a sale. There are many advanced tools for creating automatic and personalized live website engagements marketers use that help in driving engaging traffic.

Optimizing your website is the most essential process and in fact, should be the first thing you do before you release your product to the public. As long as you keep your audience engaged, it is very likely they would create a conversion. Also, they will come back, and from a business standpoint, nothing could be any better to have consistent customers.

5. Make Your Website Consistent

Your website must be laid out in a consistent fashion where the visitor would not have a hard time navigating and finding what they are looking for. Examples include having the same, comfortable color scheme on every page, having certain features like navbars, and search bars consistent throughout the website. In fact, you want to make the experience as easy as possible for your website visitors. Also, something to keep in mind is to keep your website consistently simple and fast. After all, if you have your customer constantly waiting ten or more seconds for a web page to load, it can be very frustrating for them, and result in a higher bounce rate.

6. Mix Up Your Content

An effective strategy is to mix up how you present your content. An audience will always have different types of tastes and preferences, hence why the information should be presented with variations. Having things like bolded words in your sentences for the main message within a paragraph makes it easier for users to navigate through your website content. There are also people who are visual and prefer to watch videos rather than read. Presenting your information in different forms ensures that content is aimed at a diverse audience!


Practicing these steps consistently will increase traffic. There are many different methods into triggering website traffic but these steps can be found as the essential building blocks for any website. Whether it’s an online marketing firm or a small business owner the end goal for a website is to drive traffic to it, and convert it into customers.

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