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Social Media Revealed

With the exposure of technology and social media, there have been positive and negative impacts. Social Media allows all sorts of people to communicate and interact with one another on different platforms. These interactions could be helpful for businesses or building relationships. Due to the increasing amount of online users, there has been a wide range of information shared on the web. Exposure to certain information could be either excellent or corrupt.

Small pieces of information can reach a larger audience with just a click. However, is being on social media all day safe? Often, social media is used as a leeway to free the mind of any thoughts. After a tiring day, users would browse through the internet or apps. Along the way, when a user creates a new account and provides their information, there’s no guarantee that the users’ data is safe from being leaked through the company.

TOPIC: #1. Nonverbal Communication

To begin with, connecting to others digitally has been on the rise since the early 2000s. Common social media platforms used to communicate are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Whatsapp, and many more. It has been a convenient form of communication for others to efficiently communicate with long-distance such as businesses that are not available to meet face to face. This allows for relationships to build and grow with a simple touch of social media.

Nonverbal communication allows users to deeply think about their wording and communicate effectively at their own pace rather than on the spot. When a crisis occurs, social media gives businesses and companies a way to communicate with their audience within seconds.

Modern times are using social media to build relationships that lead to potential partnerships. Building a positive relationship with the active users who love the content that is put out onto social media is the first part of a social media business relationship. Having a relationship with influencers on social media is valuable. They have expertise, authority, and trustworthiness that will weigh the audience’s decisions towards the services from the brand. Influencers have millions to billions of followers that can reach your targeted audience. To ensure that it is the right influencer for the job, their qualities should match the desired audience. Striking a partnership deal should benefit both sides, beyond the paycheck.

There are a variety of tools to express oneself through social media rather than using words. Nonverbal doesn’t necessarily mean one on one digital communication, communication includes other ways of nonverbally speaking through social media are pictures, videos, or gifs. Businesses are able to capture a user’s attention through their visual marketing posters online such as advertisements. For example, facial expressions that can not be read through a screen can be done through Youtube by putting words into videos or audios that are simple.

Videos that are uploaded get views within seconds, Youtube is considered the second largest search engine. Most of the time, users do not read the description which proves that communicating visually displays the bigger picture. Often, visuals are used to convey different messages for the audience to infer.  

TOPIC: #2.Benefits of Social Media

For businesses, social media is a fast, inexpensive, and efficient way to connect with users from around the world. Social media is a two-way street to actively engage the audience but also the opportunity to boost sales. On each platform, nearly 60% of the users discover new products or advertisements once they log on. With one click, users are able to go straight to the website. It is proven that customer service is more efficient through social media than directly calling, depending on the social team, questions and support can be provided in an instant. Rather than paying for surveys and questionnaires, gathering social analytics would provide inexpensive answers.

Since there are so many different social media platforms, there are many ways to advertise and promote an idea. Each platform captures a variety of audiences, and it is up to the creator to choose one that fits with the business concept. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Youtube Reddit, Quora, and Tiktok are the strongest outlets that have continued to grow. These social media platforms as well as many others are great sources to advertise and exchange information.

To help attract a local audience, adding a specific location to the post is recommended. This allows local businesses to notify their presence in the community. There are many options to choose from however, these nine are the best to use in terms of business. Each platform is popular among certain age groups. Although there is a different purpose for each platform, what they all have in common is their massive audience reach.

Content can be repurposed in many formats on social media. A blog post can be turned into a podcast, presentation, or video. This creates different pieces of content from one idea that provides the audience with an easy way of digesting information. Recycling content is not necessarily wrong, it allows users to take in content in their own way. Certain content can be used to repurpose such as pages that bring in the most traffic/audience.

These pages are loved which means there are other people who would love it as well, in a different form. Blogs are not the only content that can be repurposed but the same approach applies to videos. Videos that have done well could be turned into podcasts or blog posts for those on the go.  

TOPIC: #3.Wide Range Exposure

A large number of users use social media as an outlet for providing awareness and news. This allows different organizations to spread the word. Hashtags serve the purpose of sharing input and reaching a vast audience, including raising money for charities or merely offering what they can. Social media is the start to raise awareness, but it takes more than words to get the job done. Raising awareness using social media gives the chance for the matter to be taken into action.

A simple way for websites use to get exposure is by increasing their search engine rank. Creating interesting topics for the audience to read increases potential exposure. Valuable content that uses the appropriate keywords will search the content efficiently, resulting in a high rank. The number of followers each person has creates an impression on the website. However, having readable content that does not load quickly enough is a key factor to look out for.

A site that loads quickly, tends to rank higher. Keep in mind that social media websites are not used as a ranking factor. With that being said, social media does help your SEO in a way. Links are one of the top Google ranking factors meaning there is a correlation. Good content all plays a factor in whether it will be popular on social media for people to like and link it.

Although social media does not directly increase the ranking, there are some simple strategies to keep in mind. Build an audience with a demographic to target. The majority of people are on social media but certain groups of people prefer different platforms to use on a daily basis. With the number of people on social media, it will be quick to build an audience.

Due to the competitive field, consumers will most likely click on a company that they trust. Building an audience will not only build your brand but increase the share of clicks in Google as well. From here, Google is enabled to grow an understanding of particular keywords phrases that are related to the brand. When a brand is recognized through mentions online, the context can impact what you rank for.  

TOPIC: #4.Challenges within Social Media

To connect with potential customers, there needs to be security. Data has been breached for top-notch companies and this is a risk towards social media. When platforms gather personal data through sign-ups, this results in privacy issues. The company stores the data to which may be shared without consent. Phishing is one of the most common issues that occur due to lack of confirmation. With just a few changes, it’s almost convincing. Most users are not aware of their surroundings while browsing which leads to leaking private information.

Although public wi-fi is great, there are risks of sharing information among hundreds of other users and a potential hacker. There are no forms of security, giving the provider your activity and details to track. It is a struggle for those that are trying to adapt to technology life. There are so many small details to look out for, but these challenges can instantly be changed with extra caution with every click.

Furthermore, challenges also lie within a budget. Using paid ads through social media can be costly depending on the company’s budget. For small businesses, it could be a disadvantage. For example, the population of Facebook is vast which results in everyone wanting their ad to land on Facebook. It is the place to be seen however, a good chunk of money is being wasted without getting anything in return. Seemingly, the clicks and likes are not from viable customers.

Small business owners have noticed that the profiles of the clicks they have received are from bots. Results may differ with every user but do not give all your money towards paid ads.

Rather than paying for an ad, making consistent posts to advertise is an inexpensive form that works the same. There are inexpensive ways to advertise through social media. Explore different options social media has to offer to overcome these challenges.  

TOPIC: #5.Incorporating Social Media

Times have evolved, including social media as part of any website structure is a plus. The growth created ease to use social media as a resource. There are many benefits when social media is integrated into businesses. Social media brought attention to different wonders on the web. Although there are changes that are constantly being made, the change has done more good than bad. Expand the event before it happens. Virtual events, live events, are all possible through social media. It takes people multiple interactions until they remember the brand, social integration is a fast method to connect.

The simplest way of integrating social media is the share and follow button. Starting off with social links will be one of the first things a user will click, next would be a way to share or repost the website/article to their peers.

Social media links can be easily added to a website to grow a large following. With this simple beginning, seize your opportunity, connect with a social media professional today! Call Seattle SEO Now at (206)-714-1895

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