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Online Marketing Trends

Online Marketing Trends –  A modern trend for business.

Having a new website designed is not the end goal for a business looking to stay active and grow. In fact, website traffic coupled with social networking is a web channel to get customers.  Though social media is the most common way to communicate, it is not the only way to get customers.

Social media marketing is characterized as using social media networks to engage with consumers to provide them with product content, draw them to the product, and ultimately close a transaction.

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is a way of selling and endorsing goods in traditional forms to get your products to more consumers to hear about your products and brands. You’ll be able to sell more items from there.

Direct advertisements such as television, radio, mail, print advertisements, and digital publicity materials, such as catalogs or brochures, are also examples of marketing strategies.

Modern marketing

Businesses nowadays use a variety of methods to advertise their brands. Businesses attempted to sell their goods using traditional marketing methods before the Internet’s inception. However, the whole situation has now been drastically altered. If it’s a small business or a large corporation, everybody is attempting to advertise their company through the Internet.

To satisfy the demands of consumers, modern marketing was born.

Customers now have more leverage than ever before; they can choose where, where, and how goods and services are purchased, giving them more options. They are not faithful to a single company. Philip Kotler coined the term “new marketing” to describe the advancement of the marketing industry and the latest cutting-edge marketing techniques.

Modern Marketing is an organization management function that organizes and manages manufacturing and business operations, beginning with discovering and converting customers’ buying power into actual demand for goods. As a specific product, resulting in the most effective transition of the product to the retailer. 

For example, selling what the market needs, not what is available, derived from the buyer’s interests, attaching importance to the consumption stage, must understand market requirements and frequent changes in both quantity and quality to be satisfied.

Online Marketing Methods

Online marketing on Google is divided into two types: Google Adwords ads and SEO. The benefit of this form of marketing is that it will attract many consumers who are already in high demand.

  • In the United States, 82 percent of Internet users use social media. This is the most conclusive evidence of the importance of Social media marketing.
  • Online marketing on Ad Networks – an online advertising network is an intermediary unit that acts as a bridge between the advertising buyers. These units buy vacant positions on Publishers’ websites, then classify and sell to Advertisers.
  • As of January 2020, YouTube is the second most visited website in the United States after Google. With the increasing tendency of users to access information in videos, YouTube is definitely an online marketing solution that many businesses cannot ignore.
  • Email is considered an effective online marketing way to announce product and brand information to existing customers or provide promotions to stimulate customers to buy.

Online Marketing using Google ads

Google Ads is a commercial service that Google provides to those who need to promote their products, services, brands, etc. Users of the Google Ads service need to pay to have ads displayed or clicked. Ads will appear in priority positions on the search results page, on websites belonging to the Google display network, etc., by selecting keywords related to the product/service that the business chooses.

Online Marketing Google

11 Big Changes Coming to Google Ads: What You Need to Know by Allen Finn


The role of Google ads is huge. With many advantages of online advertising launched in 2000, Google Adwords has helped millions of businesses worldwide reach more customers and do business more efficiently. Thanks to these outstanding benefits, Google ads have been well received by many people worldwide.

Many people often mistake Google Ads as search ads because it runs directly on the Google Search page. But in fact, Google offers 6 different types of advertising to serve different goals that businesses aim to Google Search ads, Google Display Network ads, Google Shopping ads, Video ads, Apps ads, Local search ads.

When using Google Adwords, users will receive maximum support from Google because this is the priority policy for Google services. Google also continuously develops other tools such as Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, etc., to maximize advertisers’ effective and fastest support. In addition, when using Google Adwords will limit fraud because Google always promptly updates new policies.

Online Marketing using Facebook

Facebook Ads is the social media platform’s advertising service. This paid advertisement uses Facebook and other social networks to advertise deals, discounts, or merchandise to prospective buyers.

If that’s how you respond when you hear the concept of Facebook Ads, you’re clearly from the “many” age.

Since Facebook collects too much material from its users (all of whom voluntarily enter information about age, gender, location, and interests). As a result, they have a good idea about who these people are and what they want.

There are so many ways to use Facebook marketing:

  • Targeted advertising Targets can influence the location (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger….) where Facebook ads can appear.
  • Targeting is the first step in the distribution process. This advertisement raises the visibility and top demand for your products or services.
  • Brand Awareness – Encourage people to learn about your business.
  • Encourage people to learn about your small industry. (limited targeting opportunities, proximity to company as a criterion).
  • Reach – Have the ad in front of as many people as possible.
  • Website Traffic – leads people to a page on your website.
  • Engagement – ​​Drive engagement with your business.
  • Page Likes – Increase Facebook page likes.
  • Post Engagement – Increase engagement with a specific post.
  • Offer Claims – Get people to claim an offer.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Event Responses – Get people to attend an event.
  • App Installs – Create App Installs.
  • Video Views – Generate views on videos.
  • Lead Generation – Acquire new leads through a lead form that Facebook users can fill out right on the platform.
  • Messenger Ads – Send ads to people right into their Facebook Messenger account.


Online Marketing using Instagram

Instagram is not yet an e-commerce website. We may conclude that it is an e-commerce friendly site. Many retail features have already been developed, and future enhancements are planned in this area.

As shown as images or stories, sales messages are the simplest and most effective way to sell products on Instagram. A tiny shopping bag icon appears in the corner of the page to identify these messages. When the consumer sees this button, they may tap it to get more information about the app. Instagram opens a new tab in the app where users can learn more about the price and features of the item.

There are 4 different ways you can create Instagram ads:

  1. Stay on Instagram software.
  2. Facebook Ads Manager.
  3. Facebook’s Marketing API.
  4. Instagram Partners.


Online Marketing using TikTok

Within just 3 years of development, Tiktok quickly rose to become the 7th largest social network globally (after Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Instagram); This has created a dreamland for advertisers to exploit.

And even better, when recently, Tiktok has developed a self-serve marketing platform “self-service / self-regulating” (advertisers will now be free to adjust targets, optimize campaigns, etc.) instead of advertising types you can’t interfere too much, there is only a way to “splash money” – a game clearly only for the giants), which has created an opportunity for small businesses to get involved this potential market.

Although the number of users of Tiktok is vast, it is not evenly distributed among demographic groups. Generation Y (born between 1980-1996) or Generation Z group (born between 1996 and 2010). So it’s not an exaggeration. When identifying brands, the store that wants to target this audience has the largest “store” of potential customers ever.

TikTok offers you a few advertising options:

  • In-feed Video Ads

In-feed ads are short videos that appear on a user’s news feed, the “For You” section. Because it looks like a regular TikTok video, these ads are easy to blend into videos in a very natural way. Now, this option only applies to “self-serve” ads.

  • Branded hashtag challenge

Provided by the business. For branded hashtag challenge ads, brands will challenge TikTok users to video themselves performing some “action,” maybe a dance, and then post it with some special hashtags created by the company. These ads are placed near the top of the Explore page, and when users click on the hashtags, they are immediately taken to a collection of videos doing the challenge.

  • Brand takeover

Brand takeovers is an ad that displays on full screen, lasting from 3-5 seconds as soon as you open the application. Ads of this type will also show up again in the “For You” Newsfeed. And you can completely attach hashtags or Links to your website.

  • TopView ads

Similar to Brand Takeovers Ads, TopView ads also display on full screen. The difference is that it can last up to the 60s and is set to “delayed play,” so Ads won’t start as soon as the app is opened.

  • Branded effects

Branded effects are stickers, AR (Augmented Reality) filters, effects users can add to their videos. They’re like Instagram’s Filters. Each Branded effect will be valid for about 10 days.

The future of Online Marketing

 The focus on customer experience is driven by the growing demand for profitable personalized shopping experiences. This movement persists, with each innovation in the industry continuing to raise user expectations – sometimes to the point of even being considered “unreasonable” from the angular effect.

The standard method, rule, and cycle, and so on to test performance. To have to be A-pillar in a turning storm, businesses should focus on customer executives and building relationships rather than doing marketing in the old ways. Remember, it’s not just about a website being designed, but marketing too!

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